MIFFI arvutiprillid

Kindlasti tahad Sa teada kes on MIFFI brändi taga ning kuidas asi alguse sai.

Why did I create MIFFI?

I started MIFFI because of my desire to offer people a better quality of life and characteristically for me I had to do it in style.

What happened before i created MIFFI?

A few years ago I had problems with sensitive eyes and suffered from the resulting headaches. Long days working with a computer, evenings spent in front of the TV , scrolling through the phone before going to bed - smart devices surround us everywhere.

At a dinner i told a friend of mine about these problems, she introduced blue light blocking glasses to me and unexpectedly... I have been using them regularly ever since.

Miks ma hakkasin kandma sinise valguse prille? ...Because thanks to wearing the glasses, the quality of my sleep improved in time - the time spent falling asleep reduced and waking up during the night and bad dreams became less frequent.The quality of my theater and cinema experiences went up because my eyes did not get tired from the bright light as fast as they used to.

Most importantly - the number of productive hours spent working with a computer increased due to improved concentration levels.

Sinise valguse prillid NICOBAR

What's next?

Soon I realized that the selection of stylish blue light blocking glasses in our market is too small. Due to my enthusiasm, I started looking for a solution to the situation and in the end my active searches paid off.

Now, in the form of MIFFI, stylish blue light blocking glasses are also available to you!

My principles.

When creating and developing the MIFFI brand, both quality and good appearance were taken into account in equal proportions.

It is important to me that everyone will be able to find a pair of glasses that suits them from the available models. As a result the choices available vary from everyday glasses to special looking ones that would not look out of place even on the red carpet.

In addition to permanent availability of favorite models, the product range will be constantly updated.
For example, I have a definite plan for the product line to also include the coolest and most stylish sunglasses soon. Who wouldn't want to spend their summer moments with MIFFI.

Most importantly...I never compromise on quality and I'm sure that MIFFI glasses will be the favorite companion of many people for every occasion!


Founder of MIFFI