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What is blue light?

Your eyes are exposed to blue light on a daily basis. Natural blue light originates from sunlight and it has a positive effect on the human body. Exposure to natural blue light raises the level of immunity, boosts your mood and ensures good sleep.

Problems are caused by exposure to excessive amounts of artificial blue light.

Let's be frank, we live our lives surrounded by all kinds of screens. On average a person spends about 9 hours a day in front of digital devices, all of which emit artificial blue light.

The highest amount of artificial blue light is emitted from the screens of your mobile phone, computer and TV. In addition we usually spend most of our time indoors, where there are LED lights that emit a significant amount of artificial blue light.

Artificial blue light would not be as exhausting to our eyes and bodies if we were exposed to smaller amounts of it.

The ever increasing numbers of smart devices and LED lights around us has created a situation in which our eyes are not able to block out blue light. As a result the production of melatonin is disrupted, which in turn reduces the duration of our sleep and because of that we get less time in a deep sleep state.

Other negative effects of exposure to artificial blue light are frequent headaches, constant feeling of tiredness and dry eyes.

You shuld try blue light glasses if you are familiar with any of these situations:

  1. While waiting for sleep in bed your thoughts are racing and you have difficulties falling asleep.
  2. When working with a computer during the day your head, especially the forehead, slightly throbbles or even aches.
  3. When watching TV, going to the theater or to the cinema, your eyes hurt and various visual effects are tiring your eyes, which makes it harder to keep up with what is going on.
arvutiprillid GILI MIFFI

Where is the solution?

To solve the aforementioned problems and many others, people have started using blue light glasses, which are becoming more and more famous all over the world. Blue light glasses are primarily intended for use by people who do not otherwise wear glasses.

The purpose of the glasses in to block the amount of artificial blue light reaching your eyes and thus protecting your eyes. Using them will improve your sleep quality, eliminate headaches and reduce dryness of eyes.

In addition you will be able to use your computer or phone for a longer period of time, while being more focused.

Let's not forget that the glasses also act as an accessory that give an extra touch to your style.

If You feel that your eyes need protection from artificial blue light and you want to protect them with glasses that look like a stylish accessory, then MIFFI blue light glasses are the right choice for you!

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