Stylish glasses that have light pink shade and are decorated with golden temples and red temple tips. These glasses go along with both sweatpants and a party dress – stylish but classic. MIFFI’s logo on the temple.

All our blue light blocking glasses are bright and clear – your vision will not be blurred (up until the point when glasses need cleaning). Kindly, use the cloth provided with our product and eyeglass cleaner solution if needed. Store your MIFFI glasses in a special eyeglasses case or bag and don’t forget to bring them with you when you leave home.



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Zero correction blue light glasses are ideal whilst using smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. You are encouraged to wear them also while watching TV and in an environment that is surrounded by multiple LED lights. All of the above beam blue light that is not good for your eyes.

Excessive exposure to blue light can cause you headaches, insomnia, bad sleep quality, and muscle tension. All people are different but if you have ever felt that your eyes get tired or other symptoms mentioned before, then we recommend wearing MIFFI blue light glasses. Thanks to these glasses your eyes and the delicate skin around them are protected.

Our glasses have quality lenses that block 100% under 410nm blue light and 45% 410-460nm.

The price includes both lenses and frames.

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